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Good Burger

Good Burger is a comedy buddy film starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, characters in Nickelodeon Shows "Kenan and Kel" and “All That". It's starts out as Kenan stealing and crashing his mother's car one day and needs to find the money to pay for it. He ends up working at Good Burger where he meets Ed (Kel) and soon becomes friends with. Good Burger's rival, Mondo Burger, tries to put them out of business but when Ed invents a "secret sauce", Good Burger's franchise starts to improve. The manager at Mondo Burger named Kurt, tries to steal the recipe of the sauce multiple times but fails all attempts. One day Ed and Dexter find out that Mondo Burger is using an illegal food additive to oversize their burgers and starts to plan ways to get them caught

The film is great for all ages to enjoy. Kenan and Kel give the movie good humor that will continue to be gold for generations to come. For people who grew up knowing the two actors in their previous work, it's very enjoyable movie to watch after 19 years from being released and there isn't anything like it.

Home Alone

Home Alone is a classic Christmas film comedy starring Macaulay Culkin playing a young boy named Kevin who is accidentally left behind when his family goes to France for the Holidays. After he realizes he's been left at home alone, he has to take care of himself and his house while is family is trying to come back home as soon as possible. When two robbers, Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern), discuss robbing Kevin's house, he fills the home with booby traps to prevent the two from stealing anything. After many failed attempts, one day Kevin catches and calls the police on the duo, they swear revenge on him before leaving and eventually comes back in Home Alone 2.

Written by John Hughes (The Breakfast Club) and directed by Chris Columbus (Mrs Doubtfire) The movie is another classic and loved movie by people of all ages and has been for years. The comedy brought by Macaulay Culkin's character when it came to defending his home, made the movie a hilarious film that couldn't be replaced.

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